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Sigma Featured Swimmer Of The Week

Updated: May 19, 2021

Madison Huertas is a 14-year-old swimmer and swims at our TCCNW location under Andrew Ha. She is a freshman at Saginaw High School and swims for her high school varsity team.

Madison Huertas (right) with Sigma Swim teammate Taylor Bresnahan
Madison Huertas (right) with Sigma Swim teammate Taylor Bresnahan

Q: How and when did you decide that you wanted to be a swimmer? A: Back in 2012 I watched the London Olympics, and since my mom used to be involved in

swimming, she put on swimming. I remember the exact race that I watched, the women’s 200 back final. I watched Missy Franklin, the underdog win the gold medal and instantly wanted to be a swimmer, and then joined Sigma in 2013.

Q: Are there any swimmers that inspire you the most and why? A: I wouldn’t say that I am exactly inspired by one swimmer more than another, because all the swimmers at the top level, Katie Ledecky, Caleb Dressel, Joseph Schooling, and more all have outstanding work ethics and an insane amount of dedication that takes them to the top level and sets them apart from other athletes

Q: How do you manage school and every day practice? A: It isn’t the easiest thing in the world, our high school team must be at the school by 6:00 am for practice, we’re back at school a little after 9:00, get out at 4:20, then by 5:00 I’m back in the water with Sigma. You just must keep your focus and take the day minute by minute.

Q: What is your favorite stroke and why?

A: Probably butterfly, to me it comes easier for one, and the motions all seem to fall together really smoothly.

Q: How do you feel when your friends have plans to socialize and you have practice or a meet? A: I don’t really think I feel anything anymore, and they’re all pretty much used to the famous

line of “sorry, I have swim”

Q: What do you tell your friends when they tell you that swimming is not a real sport?

A: I honestly haven’t gotten that line as much as you would think, because most people have told me they can barely swim a 25 when I mention the 1650. But for the few that do, you take it from a scientific standpoint, because when you swim, you use pretty much every muscle in your body.

Q: Who pushes you to perform your best? A: Mainly coaches and teammates. On my high school team, we have posters and everything

for everyone, and the team there never fails to hype you up at meets and push you hard in practice. The atmosphere on sigma is very similar, the people will push you, and never fail to make you laugh.

Q: How do you deal with the pressure of a swim meet? A: I actually don’t usually feel pressure before meets, I like to keep my mind clear and have a

whatever happens, happens mindset.

Q: What do you eat before and during swim meets? A: Protein, to keep muscles in shape and carbs for energy. So, things like bread, pastas, etc.

Q: What are your goals for the future in swimming? A: I’m currently on my school’s varsity team and would like to keep that up for all four years,

and hopefully make regionals and final this year. If it becomes possible, I would like to also swim in college eventually.

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