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Sigma Featured Swimmer Of The Week

Updated: May 19, 2021

Elora is a 12-year-old swimmer at Sigma Swim’s Burleson North Brick location under Coach Chandler. She attends Hughes Middles School in Burleson.

Q: How and why did you decide to become a swimmer?

A: I decided to become a swimmer because I like swimming, and I thought it sounded fun. Then, my mom signed me up for the Sigma swim team.

Q: Are there any athletes that inspire you the most and why?

A: I don't exactly have an athlete that I look up to. However, I do support any girl athlete because there is a cliché that athlete should only be boys.

Q: How do you manage school and the sport of swimming?

A: Surprisingly, it's not too hard to balance school and then swimming after. I have an opportunity of about 20 minutes before I go inside to swim, to do homework that I know that I can't finish after.

Q: What do you think makes great sportsmanship and why?

A: I think great sportsmanship means not bragging and congratulating your teammates. When at a meet, it means telling your opponent they did a good job or congratulating them on a win.

Q: Do you have any family other than yourself involved in swimming?

A: My little brother, Dominic, is on the same swim team as I am, and sometimes that's a good thing, and, of course, sometimes that's a bad thing.

Q: Did you ever swim an event at meet that you did not like and how did you handle it?

A: I have not actually been to a real, competition meet. However, I have been to a competition within the team, and I was freaking out one time when I was going against people that were in tier 6, when I was only a tier 8.

Q: What do tell your friends when they want to socialize, and you have practice or a swim meet?

A: When my friends want to talk to me after school, I simply tell them that I can't because I have swim practice, and they all understand.

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?

A: My biggest supporter is probably my mom, she is the one who takes me to and from practice, and she is always there at my competitions.

Q: Are there any other sports that you do?

A: I'm not in any other sports, although before I started swimming, I was on a small baseball team made up of only 3 people.

Q: What are your goals for the future in swimming?

A: My current goal is to go to a swim meet and win at least my heat.

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