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Sigma Featured Swimmer Of The Week

Updated: May 19, 2021

Elise is a 14-year old swimmer that swims at our Sigma Swim Fort Worth North (TCCNW) location under Coach Andrew. She attends Saginaw High School in Saginaw and swims for her high school, The Rough Rider swim team.

Q: How and why did you decide to become a swimmer?

A: My mom actually put me in swim to lose weight.

Q: Are there any swimmers that inspire you and why?

A: There are multiple swimmers that influence me one of them who has had an impact on me is Katie Ledecky. she’s always been able to overcome any trial in her way and pushes herself to be the best swimmer she can.

Q: How do you stay motivated swimming for Sigma Swimming, your High School and school?

A: It’s a challenge but my overall goal is to always become a better swimmer and student.

Q: We all know that cross training is important to prevent injuries. Do you cross train to prevent those injuries such as another sport or go to the gym?

A: My older brother has always encouraged me to go the gym often to improve my strength and endurance

Q: What do you tell your friends when you cannot socialize because of practice or a meet?

A: Sorry I have practice.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite event and why?

A: My favorite event has to be either the 200 IM or the 500 free. I’ve always loved those events because they have both pushed me to build my endurance. I have never liked the 100 back it’s my worst stroke and overall though it’s a short event it’s not my favorite.

Q: What is it that you like most about swimming?

A: Swimming has helped me through so much. I know that after a hard day I can go to practice and just swim and practice with my friends and just forget everything and morning practices have always helped me start the day with a more positive attitude

Q: Who pushes you the hardest to perform your best?

A: Over the years I’ve learned that if I want to get better I have to push myself constantly, never getting “lazy” during a practice. my parents have always encouraged me as well.

Q: What do you eat before and during swim meets?

A: This is probably really unhealthy and something not good but I have a lot of bread, a couple Cliff bars, and lots of water and it’s worked pretty well for me so far.

Q: What are your goals or dreams for the future in swimming?

A: I’ve known for a while that swimming is not just something to keep me busy but something that I’m going to peruse through college and just my entire life.

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