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Sigma Splash Swim Meets: A Fun Intro To Competitive Swimming

At some point, you or your swimmer might want to try competing. Swim competitions, or swim meets, can be an overwhelming learning experience for both parents and swimmers. That's why we at Sigma Swimming Fort Worth have made it easy to get in to competitive swimming our Sigma Swimming Splash Meets.

Competitive swim meets at Sigma Swimming Fort Worth are a fun experience for both parents and their children.

Sigma Splash Meets are usually held 1-2 times in the fall, 1-2 times in the spring, and 2-3 times in the summer. These meets are designed to be fun, low pressure, and a great learning experience for both parents and swimmers wanting to compete.

Below are some key features of our Splash Meets:

  1. Low pressure

  2. Nurturing environment

  3. Held at one of our own locations

  4. Less crowded than normal “big” meets

  5. Take our time to go through the events

  6. Allow time for swimmers to get acclimated

  7. If swimmers make mistakes like missing their events, we can usually help them

  8. Coaches are there to see all athletes succeed and have a positive experience

  9. Relatively inexpensive: Cost is usually $5 plus $3 for each event your child swims

Unsure of whether your child is ready for a Splash Meet? Below are some good indicators that your child is ready:

  1. Currently in Junior, Bronze, Pre-Team, or Levels 5-8 of our Swim School.

  2. Can complete 25 yards swimming freestyle

  3. Your child’s coach recommends trying a Splash Meet

Still unsure of whether your child is ready? Talk with your child’s coach or your site coordinator. We want to see your child succeed and our nationally ranked swim team recruits swimmers from our own swim school because we know that our swim lesson curriculum fully prepares our swimmers to be both safe AND competent swimmers.

To see our current Splash Meet offerings, please CLICK HERE and look for “Splash Meet.”

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