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+Swim: Adding Swimming To Your Child's Schedule For Health, Happiness, and Performance

Updated: May 19, 2021

If your child already swims or you swim yourself, you already know the health benefits. If not, take a look at this great article on the 8 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Healthiest Form Of Exercise. It's not too late to add swimming to your child's or even your own routine/schedule.

Athletes use swimming to cross train. They use it to improve their flexibility, endurance, coordination, and cognition. Swimming is a total body sport that requires the development of flexibility that can benefit other sports and daily life. Swimming is an excellent low-impact cardiovascular workout that also requires athlete engagement through attention to details in areas such as their stroke technique. Your child can receive these benefits from either our highly rated Sigma Swim Lessons or nationally ranked Sigma Swim Team.

Our coaches at Sigma Swim Fort Worth, Burleson, Cleburne, Dallas, and Waco care about every swimmer and swim student. Adding swimming to your child's schedule means adding a caring coach and mentor to your child's life. Our coaches want to see your child succeed in the pool and ensure their swimming also has a positive impact on their other activities outside the pool. Contact one of our locations today so we can pair your child one of our caring swim instructors/coaches!

Any age, any ability, any extracurricular activity (music, martial arts, sports, more!) can +Swim. ANYONE can cross train with swimming and ANYONE can benefit from adding our Sigma Swim programs to their routine. Cross train and +Swim for health, happiness, and success in other extracurricular areas.

Adding swimming doesn't mean planning your life around the pool. Sigma Swim has swim lesson and after school swim programs starting at 1 day per week and 45-60 minutes per day. These high quality, convenient, and lower time commitment programs can fit within almost any schedule. Contact us today and let us know you're interested in +Swim. We'll work to +Swim in your schedule!

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